Salsa Website

In September we began work on updating the Salsa homepage as well as the functionality and look of product feature pages. At the time Salsa also sold two products, Cosm and Solis, which needed to be consolidated into one product offering. We began by identifying ways to optimize the functionality of the feature pages and enrich content, from there we restructured the site's feature navigation to better align with how potential clients typically searched. Finally we looked into how we could optimize the homepage by providing a brief overview of the organization as well as feature offerings.

From here we moved to sketching out how the features could be visualized (resulting in icons for each feature) as well as page structure. We then moved to development and optimized the pages to ensure content was accessible on any device and easy to navigate. Separating out the feature pages into individual pages proved helpful by identifying and confirming what product features potential clients are looking for, ensuring future revisions of the site target these needs precisely.